Research Partners:

R&D Collaboration opportunities with industry and the health sector:

1- AOMS Technologies, Toronto, Canada: (

Doug Alguire VP and General Manager - Industrial Sensing.


AOMS Technologies provides multi-point fiber optic sensors based on Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) technology for industrial applications. AOMS system provides precise measurements of the conditions of the glass fiber itself. A fiber optic cable with a diameter of ~1mm can be bonded to the surface of an object or embedded inside it to provide measurements of temperature, strain, or vibration at dozens of measurement points along the length of a single cable.

The sensors have the unique ability to operate near high power electronics or in the presence of strong magnetic fields.

AOMS Technologies is hoping to collaborate with researchers that want to analyze temperature, strain, or vibration in high EMI environments or conditions that are otherwise difficult to instrument with traditional sensors.

For example:

*       Monitoring vibration or temperature inside MRI machines
*       Modelling temperature profiles in induction heating applications
*       Modelling temperature/strain in battery packs or chargers for Electric Vehicles
*       Modelling temperature/strain in electrical transformers
*       Structural Health Monitoring applications requiring dozens of measurement points

Contact information:

DOUG ALGUIRE, VP and General Manager - Industrial Sensing
AOMS Technologies
301-155 Gordon Baker Rd
Toronto, ON M2H 3N5